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Admit One

A quick and shallow gander down an isle at the nearest video or bookstore will show the impossible aspiration of the majority of card carrying members of humanity. While surely not every title will reflect this subject, the largest slice of the pie will. If this generality does not make the concept apparent, I am referring to the desire to be important. The degree of importance varies with the subject and scope of the individual setting, but whether or not the secret agent disarms the big bad bomb, the fuzzy Disney animal overcomes the cliché villanimal, or the ever unlikely [insert predictable protagonist here] overcomes the seemingly infallible [insert fallible antagonist here] with the help of impossible physics and the reliance on statistically ridiculous odds, their benefit to the whole and themselves establishes their importance. It is beautifully depressing.

Boys and girls walk out of theaters, eject their rented movies, put down their books, and have this inspiration to become important. Everybody is going to be the rock star someday, the athlete, or the heart surgeon, marry the prom queen/king and propel into the world a new generation of supreme beings. I am not saying people do not do this. I suppose they are the inspiration for the rest. I am saying that somewhat like with religion, the great majority of people are not going to fulfill their intentions. Whoa now, did the godless blue boy just attack my religion? He was simply stating that if any particular religion is correct, almost everybody on earth is wrong about their own. Religion has no majority. Enough with that tangent; back to the endless circle. Life is this casino everybody saunters into with the intention of winning, the battlefield they will walk away from, the oyster their pearl hides a sliced adductor muscle away from. And then when nearly everybody fails they can safely coat their woes in the noble mask that is the “at least I tried” line.

The intelligent gambler picks a number, leaves his debit card at the hotel, and walks through the casino’s doors expecting to walk out minus that number of dollars. The intelligent soldier signs his will and life insurance bill before locking the front door. Only five percent of even the artificially nucleated oysters produce gem quality pearls. The world is a wretched looking filter feeding mollusk I possess the ability to suck the life from, but only after cracking it open and destroying its prior natural beauty. Some (usually the writers for literary triumphs such as Chicken Soup for the ‘I need a Hug’ Teenybopper Soul) will say it is a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. While I do agree it is comparable to a roller coaster, I attribute the similarity to the whole experience. It is a cheap attraction all can attend, suffer the same forces, and derive their own individual pleasure from. Billions before and billions after get to take the same ride, many in your very seat, and having importance in such a mass of riders is an impossibility.